WHO’S AFRAID OF COVID-19? — Theo Caldwell

Please be honest: Are you still afraid of Covid-19?

Like you, I heard the horror stories back in March, and saw the footage from China, ostensibly of dead bodies in the streets, portending what was coming for us.

Looking at those images now…

A Second Wave of What?

It is amazing how often “science” means whatever a certain segment of the population wants to do anyway.

At times, this convenient science is awarded the definite article, implying none other exists, as when Joe Biden says he will follow “the science” in deciding whether…

“Stay safe!”

This is how people who have never missed a meal are telling each other goodbye nowadays.

People who have never been near a war, who have never heard a shot fired in anger (perhaps until the tumult of this hideous summer), are now going about masked in conformity…


Like many of you, I was a good sport when this health scare started. I even wrote and recorded a dopey song in support of the effort.

Snow was on the ground then and, like Coleridge’s Winter, we wore on our smiling faces a…


It is a linguistic irony of the modern corporation that those most desolate of resourcefulness and human rapport occupy its Human Resources department.

Consistent with its culture of perverting language and policing words, “Human Resources” is one of those…

This Christmas, Try to be More Judgmental — Theo Caldwell

One of my favorite expressions, which Google finds to be of disputed provenance, is “Be hard on yourself, but easy on others.”

Most of us naturally tend toward the opposite.

In my case, I give myself unlimited hall passes for…

Theo Caldwell

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